Mid-Festival Collection of Great Films

ZFF Thursday will offer 16 different film titles of various length, kinds and genres and, as the eager film buffs have already learnt, the first door to be opened is the one belonging to the Europa Cinema.


After the morning portion of documentaries as well as of another film from the Bib for Kids programme, the Europa Cinema will be serving lunch and a snack too in the form of feature films: Romanian delicacy ‘Best Intentions’ by Adrian Sitaru at 3 pm, and demanding but juicy ‘The Forgiveness of Blood’ by Joshua Marston at 5 pm.


The series of evening delicacies will start with a film with a memorable title ' 'Dont brejk maj turbofolk hart' by Miona Bogović. When a turbofolk singer falls in love with a young curator from Belgrade a match of the unmathchable happens: it is a story about a controversial city, love, an ode to turbofolk music and an account of the Serbian gay identity. After having gotten to know Belgrade, we will head to Oslo in company with a 30-year-old at a turning-point.

The film 'Oslo, 31 August' by Joachim Trier is a film which has to be seen at the cinema. The atmosphere, the music, the sound – everything is highly successful in the context of a powerful story about a former drug addict. This rich day at the Europa will come to its end with the feature film 'Mila Caos' about the reality of a transvestite in a Havana suburb. The film will be followed by a new gem from Austria, 'Michael' by Markus Schleinzer. Memorable and powerful, this is an unusual film which presents the triteness of evil in an impressively controlled way and by occasionally using surprising dark humour.



The Tuškanac Cinema will start screening the above mentioned films from the main feature film and short film programme from early morning. In the afternoon documentaries will be screened at the same place: at 4:30 pm 'At the Edge of Russia' and 'This Chair Is Not Me'. 'At the Edge of Russia' by Michał Marczak is a film awarded in Toronto, Jihlava and a series of other festivals and it tells the story about the people who are seeking refuge from the awkward caos of the civil life within the self-imposed order and discipline of the army. 'This Chair Is Not Me' by Andy Taylor Smith is an intriguing account of a turning-point in the life of a person suffering from cerebral palsy.


At 9 pm the world premiere of the film 'Cloud' will take place. This film by Miroslav Sikavica includes new details on the tragic story about the destiny of the young Luka Ritz. 'Cloud' is an intimate story about the traumatic loss of an only child, best friend, boyfriend,...

At 7 pm the Tuškanac Cinema will host a very successful German film 'Stopped on Track' by Andreas Dresen. It is a multi-layered film about 40-year-old Frank with an inoperable tumor which was awarded at this year's Cannes Film Festival in the prestigious competition programme Un Certain Regard. This film is part of this year's Great 5 programme, and at 9 pm the Museum of Contemporary Art another film from this programme will be shown. The film is 'Top Floor, Left Wing', the winner of the FIPRESCI award in the Panorama programme of this year's Berlinale. Those of you who want to learn how to tranform a kidnapping into a riot on a city scale must see the film by Angelo Cianci.



The Zagreb Dance Centre will surely be well visited in the evening hours because at 8:30 pm the film 'Pusher' by Nicolas Winding Refn will be screened. A violent, tense but still touching film established Refn's identity of a film author with great talent who makes no compromise. Many people consider this film to be one of the best Danish film made in the 90's.


After Refn, another film with great reputation by an even more interesting film author will be screened.' Love Affair, or the Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator' by Dušan Makavajev will be shown at 11 pm. The director will not be present at the screening but the author of the film 'Land of Knowledge', Saša Ban, will be present at the 7 pm screening of his own film taking place at the Docucinema at 7 pm. At the end of the screening he will be answering the viewers' questions, and since our country wants to be a land of knowledge, we are sure questions in need of answers will not lack.

After all the films and film talks, it is time to relax. The parties will take place at the Europa Cinema, where DJ D-GREE will be taking care of the rhythm and melody, whereas at the club Jabuka K.I.L. digital is expected.