Powerful Documentary Stories about Land of Knowledge and Land in between Life and Death

Croatian premiere of 'Land of Knowledge', a documentary film about the 35 days of the great blockade of the Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy, screens at the ZFF today. This first feature-length film of Saša Ban is a testimony of the days that ensued 20 April 2009 when the students of the Zagreb faculty of Philosophy took control over that institution. They demanded from Croatian government to abolish all types of payment for higher education.


During the blockade, direct democracy method was applied in all decision making. Thus the Plenum – a body consisting of hundreds of students – becomes the main protagonist of the film. At the same time, we follow the other, parallel reality of media and political officials who make decisions on our present and our future.

So far, the film was shown at Sarajevo Film Festival. At the ZFF you can see it in Tuškanac Cinema today (Wednesday) at 4:30pm, in Dokukino Croatia Cinema at 7pm (including a discussion with the director and Dana Budisavljević, the producer) and again in Tuškanac Cinema on Sunday at 4pm.


'Barzakh', a documentary which is to be shown today in thee same block as 'Land of Knowledge', tells us a story about disappeared Chechens and those searching for them. The translation of the title says it all: 'a land in between life and death'.



'Barzakh' is a directorial debut of Mantas Kvedravicius. The film focuses on the families of the disappeared Chechens. They have no idea where their loved ones are and if they are still alive. Made from 2007 to 2009, the film reveals the scars that war and violence leave on people. It won Amnesty International Award and Special Mention of Ecumenical Jury at Berlinale.