Carefully selected films and good parties on Wednesday menu

The ninth Zagreb Film Festival reached its central phase and the period when all of its film programmes have already shown their contours but also the period in which film buffs can still expect to have a bite of a great number of film delicacies.


Just like during the previous days, the Europa and Tuškanac projectors will be turned on first, in the morning hours. The documentaries at the Europa Cinema will be followed by 12:30 pm films from the Bib for Kids programme aiming at the youngest audience. Among the four short films the new Croatian film by Krasimir Gančev, 'Ema', will have its premiere screening.


From 4:30 pm two documentary aces will be screened at the Tuškanac Cinema: 'Land of Knowledge' by Croatian director Saša Ban and 'Barzakh' by Mantas Kvedaravičius. The first one is a film whose reality is very well-known to the public because it tells the story of the demonstrations which took place at the Zagreb Faculty of Philosophy last year. On the other hand, 'Barzakh' tells the story about Chechens, those missing and those who are looking for them. The translation of the film title best describes what the film is about: 'a land between life and death'.


The first part of the day at the Europa Cinema will be brought to its end by reruns from the main programme: the film 'Las Acacias' at 3 pm and 'The Exchange' at 5 pm. The evening screening session at the Europa will be opened by two movie titles. The first one is 'Little Fighters' by Ivana Lalović, a short film about children living the horrors of war which arrives to Zagreb from a series of prestigious festivals, whereas the following one to be screened on the big screen is a new Romanian pearl, 'Best Intentions' by Adrian Sitaru. Sitaru is an old acquaintance of Zagreb: at the 5th ZFF he presented his short film 'Waves' and last year he was a jury member for the feature film and short film programme.


Joshua Marston is another director well-known to the faithful visitors of the ZFF. He is an author who won over the Zagreb audience back in 2004 with his film 'Maria Full of Grace'. Now he arrived with his new film, 'The Forgiveness of Blood', which shows a latent feeling of danger as well as depressing boredom experienced by Albanian teenagers who find themselves influenced by old-fashioned traditions and obligations unfamiliar to them. From 10 pm, prior to 'The Forgiveness of Blood', the screening of the film 'Tomorrow, Algiers?' will take place, and it will be something completely different.


European films from The Great 5 programme have aces up their sleeve even on Wednesday. At 9 pm at the Museum of Contemporary Art a film by Aureliano Amadei, '20 Cigarettes', will be screened. It is a film about a real and turbulent series of events experienced by the author himself. At the Tuškanac Cinema at 7 pm you will have a chance to see the Spanish film 'For the Good of Others', by Oskar Santos. This is an interesting combination od drama and science-fiction about a doctor whose sleepy life becomes a real roller-coaster ride overnight. A film which has been talked about a lot lately will be shown at the Tuškanac Cinema Right after 'For the Good of Others'. 'Orchestra' by Pjer Žalica is a film about the band Plavi orkestar, but also about the overall social context which marked several generations of ex-Yugoslavia.


The acclaimed and awarded film by Andy Tailor Smith 'This Chair Is Not Me', about a man suffering from cerebral palsy whose life suddenly completely changes, will be shown at the Docucinema at 9 pm.


The programme My First Film: Denmark offers us new Danish titles. The programme starting at 8:3o pm at the Zagreb Dance Centre will screen films by Thomas Vinterberg, feature film 'The Greatest Heroes' and short film 'The Boy Who Walked Backwards'.


As always, we prepared a party for the end of the day: DJ Borovich will be playing music at the Europa Cinema and at Lemon Bar DJ Mayo & Nikki Bumz will perform live.