Films about Bib by Little Filmmakers from Zagreb Elementary Schools

Bib for Kids – Zagreb Film Festival's special program dedicated to schoolchildren is celebrating its fifth anniversary! More than 10,000 little film lovers saw the Bib for Kids films in the past four years. Video clubs from Zagreb elementary schools have joined this year's anniversary activities. They have come up with six short films on Bib for Kids, using the inevitable Bib as a light motive. One of these six future film classics will be shown as a trailer before every Bib for Kids screening:


- Monday, 17 October, Otok Elementary School, mentor: Jelena Bunjevac

- Tuesday, 18 October, Bartol Kašić Elementary School, mentor: Marina Zlatarić

 - Wednesday, 19 October, Ivan Merz Elementary School, voditelj: Miš Basić

 - Thursday, 20 October, ZAG Film Club, mentor: Melita Horvatek Forjan

 - Friday, 21 October, Ivan Goran Kovačić Elementary School, mentor: Jura Troje

 - Saturday, 22 October, Rudeš Elementary School, mentor: Mirjana Jukić

 The screenings will be attended by little filmmakers and there will be a surprise for them! Please keep in mind that the Bib for Kids will be shown not only in Europa Cinema in downtown Zagreb, but also in the auditorium of the Museum of Contemporary Art across the river. As afternoon shows are mostly visited by school groups, little film lovers and their families and friends have an opportunity to see the evening shows (6:30pm) at the Museum of Contemporary Art auditorium.