Take a peek into the private lives of Nina Violić, Joaquin Phoenix, Israeli middle class and the Argentinian poor

Just like during the previous Zagreb Film Festival days, today an avalanche of good films is ready to strike filmgoers again. The first ones to be affected by it are children. The Slovenian film which has been seen by the greatest number of viewers in the last 20 years, 'Going Our Way', a film about scouts at the mercy of nature shown in the Bib for Kids programme, will be screened at the Europa Cinema from 12:30 pm and at the Museum of Contemporary Art at 6:30 pm.


Actor Casey Affleck's debut, the controversial documentary 'I'm Still Here: The Lost Years of Joaquin Phoenix', is an incredible insight into the turbulent years in the life of the internationally acclaimed actor Joaquin Phoenix.

An interesting film story is also expected in the programme The Great 5 at 7 pm at the Tuškanac Cinema, where a film by Aureliano Amadei called '20 Cigarettes' will be screened. The film is based on a true story from the life of the director and screenwriter, who was the sole survivor of a suicide bomber in Iraq.

A film which has been extensively written about in the media is most certainly 'Marija's Own' by Željka Sukova, a film about a private gathering in honour of the late Marija Violić, Nina Violić's grandmother. This documentary musical comedy with some elements of drama filmed in social realism style will have its Croatian premiere at the Tuškanac Cinema at 9 pm after successful screenings at various world festivals.

Communist westerns are riding on! Polish 'The Law and the Fist', which will be screened at 6 pm at the Zagreb Dance Centre, reminds us of Zinneman's film 'High Noon'. 'Jumping at the Bedside' is a Danish film by John Hilbard with not only a very memorable title but with a memorable topic too. It will be shown as part of the programme at 11 am at the Zagreb Dance Centre.

The process of getting to know how the careers of now famous Danish directors began will continue at the Zagreb Dance Centre at 8:30 pm with the film 'Freud Leaving Home' by Oscar-winning director Susanne Bier.

The main feature film programme will offer you a chance to see two new titles from completely different parts of the world which tell completely different stories. Argentinian-Spanish film 'Las Acacias' by feature film debutant Pablo Giorgelli is an unusual road film with a quiet and discreet pace. The Europa Cinema will also host a film arriving from Israel called 'The Exchange', by director Eran Kolirin. Each feature film from the main programme will be preceeded by a short film from the competition programme, which is why before the 7:30 pm film 'Las Acacias' the award-winning film by Ilker Çatak and Johannes Duncker 'When Namibia Was a City…' will be shown and the dynamic Swedish film by Jimmy Olsson 'Repressed' will be screened before the 10 pm film 'The Exchange'.

Tuesday is also the day for getting a new portion of Croatian short films from the Checkers programme, which will be shown at the Tuškanac Cinema at 11 pm. Four titles are scheduled for screening: 'Lara' by Hana Domazet, 'Tuesday' by Dalija Dozet, 'In a Hotel' by Ante Pavlov, and 'Bodily Fluids' by Dario Lonjak.

After the Checkers films, there will be several fun options on offer: DJ Labosh will ensure good fun with the Checkers Party II at the Europa Cinema, whereas the club Groove will prepare a Czech-Croatian Electro Pension Marija's Own Afterparty.