When we were showing 'Jumpin' at the Bedside' on Casanovafest in Vrsar this year, our festival theater in so-called Old School was packed. The audience was a motley crew: young and old, local and foreign. Was it because of the well-known title or for the old times sake, it doesn't really matter. What matters to us at Casanovafest the most is fun, anyhow. And fun we did have in the past three years.

Casanovafest is a young festival that takes place in beautiful town of Vrasar, in late June every year. It is festival of love and eroticism. Why in Vrsar? Because Giacomo Casanova stayed in Vrsar twice (in 1743 and 1744) and described it in his Memoirs. Since love and eroticism are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, the festival celebrates these eternal subjects and considerations about them that Casanova himself intensely cherished. It does so in various art forms (literature, painting, photography, comics, film, lectures, gastronomy and music).

Numerous artists have participated in the festival in these three years. The writers who would take part in it have always been talkative and playful. Painters and photographers have always been shy, but their works have thrilled us. Musicians have been joyful and loud. I will give you but a few names, just to tickle your imagination: Bekim Sejranović, Pero Kvesić, Drago Glamuzina, Roman Simić Bodrožić, Ivica Prtenjača, Ivan Balić Cobra, Marko Vrdoljak, Rino Gropuzzo, Mara Bratoš…

In the first festival year, our film program celebrated the courage of Zvonimir Maycug, the first Croatian director of erotic films. We also had a selection of Sylvia Kristel movies. The second year, we showed Mediterranean erotic films of Bertolluci, Fellini and Tinto Brasso. This year, we saw legendary Danish 'bed films': 'Jumpin' at the Bedside', 'Why Don't You Come to My Bedside' and 'Mazurka in Bed'.

The audience loved it all!

Imagine a summer in Vrsar, full of love and eroticism! Add some art, good Istrian wine of our festival winemaker Terzolo, and some Istrian aphrodisiac – truffles and oysters. I hope this is enough for you to join us next year for Casanovafest in Vrsar!

In the meantime, join us at the presentation of Casanovafest at Zagreb Film Festival. Come and spend some time with our festival artists and dear festival guests and raise with us a glass of Malvazija wine for a toast to love and eroticism!


Mariam Abdelghani
Director of Casanovafest