As in previous years, Zagreb Film Festival will be traveling to other Croatian cities – specifically, to Rijeka and Pula – in order to show the latest festival films with audience outside Zagreb. Ever since its reopening in 2009, Art-kino Croatia has been showing great film programs to the citizens in Rijeka. Packed audiences at screenings of European, Asian or South American films and films of various cultures and interesting esthetics have shown their eagerness to see new, different kind of films. Valli Cinema in Pula and its independent film programs is on the same line. This way, in addition to standard commercial repertoire, they have opened their door to other, less known cinematographies, thus supporting film art in all of its forms. This cooperation has given independent films support throughout the country and we hope that the future editions of these programs will come to other cities and other cinemas in Croatia.


ZFF in Pula, Valli Cinema, Pula / 21-22 October 2011

Valli Cinema powered by Pula Film Festival is the only cinema in Pula. Although it has but one auditorium, it skillfully combines commercial, independent, art and documentary films and numerous other film projects and special programs. PFF/Valli Cinema and ZFF/Europa Cinema have had a friendly cooperation and have supported each other in screening independent films for years. 'Heartbeats', the second film by Xavier Dolan – the winner of Golden Pram for Best Film at the 7th ZFF ('I Killed My Mother') – and two films from this year's main program will be shown in Valli Cinema in October. Nick Wall's photo exhibition 'Faces', hosted by the festival in cooperation with Makina Gallery, will be one of the side programs of the 9th ZFF.

Tanja Miličić
Valli Cinema Manager and Producer of Pula Film Festival


ZFF in Rijeka, Art-kino Croatia Cinema, Rijeka / 21-23 October 2011

The successful cooperation with Zagreb Film Festival, the program of which has been expanding cultural horizons in the art of film, is continuing for the second year in a row. Since its reopening three years ago, Art-kino Croatia has made substantial contribution to the development of film culture and to culture in Rijeka in general. By organizing children's programs, showing archive films and numerous art films, we are trying to deepen and expand the expectations of our audience. Showing the films from Zagreb Film Festival in Art-kino Croatia in Rijeka is a contribution to diffusion of the culture that has ended up on the margins and only survives in festival oases. Fitting the festival program in the continuity of activities of a cultural institution empowers such an institution – in this case, our cinema – and supports the values fostered by this festival. As the most spectacular aggregation of film program in Croatia, Zagreb Film Festival has been attracting attention of audience, cultural public and media. The cooperation with it is therefore and asset for us. We are certain that this year's ZFF program in Art-kino Croatia will additionally empower the film culture criteria that the festival has been advocating year after year.

Slobodanka Mišković,
Art-kino Croatia Manager