Krasimir Gančev, Croatia, 2011.
Directed by: Krasimir Gančev
Script: Krasimir Gančev
Producer: Sanja Ivančin
Production company: Program za djecu i mlade HRT-a
Cinematography: Dragan Ruljančić,HFS
Editing: Ivana Fumić
Music: Srđan Gulić
Cast: Vida Sever, Ena Beč, Lucija Paprika, Linda Begonja, Jakov Vranković, Domagoj Livaja, Nikola Bukovina, Dominik Tomić, Helena Beljan, Lara Kurešič
Format: video
Running time: 15'

Seemingly quiet and shy, 8-year-old Ema is in love with the world of light and shadows she creates with a help of mirror, water, glass containers… She is one of those who notice everybody but are rarely noticed by others. Two events will change her life: two dangerous ‘little girls’ who are the terror of other kids in the school, and her mother's broken leg. When dangerous girls snatch the mother's medicine from Ema, an adventure begins in which you will meet witches, bats and an old deserted factory looking like some dark castle. The bad become good, light triumphs over darkness and new friends are made!

Directors Biography
Krasimir Gančev has directed and produced over 200 commercials, some of which have received acclaimed international and national awards. He wrote and directed a series of TV shows, 'Video Classics' (HTV 1994-99) and several documentary films: 'Patrol at Dusk' (1998), 'In Shade of Propellers' (1997), 'Hic Faros Hic Ars' (1995), 'Easter' (1994). He graduated from ADU (Film and TV Editing), where he teaches production. He is currently producing a few films and TV programs.

Location and screening schedule:
EUROPA CINEMA, Wednesday, October 19th at 12.30
MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Wednesday, October 19th at 18.30
Slika 1