A Thousand Times Stronger / Tusen gånger starkare
Peter Schildt, Sweden, 2010.
Directed by: Peter Schildt
Script: Christina Herrström
Producer: Sara Sjöö, Rickard Petrelius, Peter Possne
Production company: Sonet Film AB
Cinematography: Rolf Lindström
Editing: Anders Nylander
Music: Anders Melander
Cast: Julia Sporre, Judit Weegar, Happy Jankell, Hjalmar Ekström, Jacob Ericksson, Katharina Cohen, Göran Ragnerstam
Format: 35 mm
Running time: 85'

It’s business as usual at this Swedish high school: teachers drone their way through classes, the girls stay within firmly enforced cliques, and the boys rule the roost. All that changes, however, with the arrival of a new, much-traveled female student named Saga ('The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo's' Julia Sporre), whose presence threatens to start a revolution. Before long the classes are buzzing, lunchroom tables are mingling, and the girls are discovering what it’s like to wield the power. But can Saga’s influence last? Director Peter Schildt’s wry adaptation of Christina Herrström’s novel is a breezy delight, with a real feel for the everyday crises of teenage life.

Directors Biography
Peter Schildt was seven years old when he started acting, and after completing secondary school in 1968, he made acting his profession. He made his directing debut in 1973. After working as a director’s assistant to Ingmar Bergman on the film 'Fanny & Alexander', he’s gone on to do more film, but also works with TV, theatre and radio—in addition to teaching at drama schools in Sweden.

Location and screening schedule:
EUROPA CINEMA, Thursday, October 20th at 12.30
MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Thursday, October 20th at 18.30
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