Top Floor, Left Wing / Dernier étage gauche gauche
Angelo Cianci, France, Luxembourg, 2010.
Directed by: Angelo Cianci
Script: Angelo Cianci
Producer: Edgard Tenembaum, Gérard Lacroix, Nicolas Steil
Production company: Tu vas voir, Iris Production S.A., Backup Films, Kasso Inc. Prod
Cinematography: Laurent Brunet
Editing: Raphaële Urtin
Music: Gast Waltzing
Cast: Hippolyte Girardot, Mohamed Fellag, Aymen Saïdi, Judith Henry, Michel Vuillermoz, Thierry Godard, Lyes Salem, Julie Anne-Roth, Georges Siatidis, Tassadit Mandi
Format: 35 mm
Running time: 93'

François, a forty-something bailiff, is about to execute his daily eviction. But fate takes an unexpected turn: as he enters the apartment, he is mistakenly taken hostage by an amateur drug dealer and his father. Keen to resolve this situation quickly and quietly, the local deputy calls in the Special Police Force. Television crews immediately rush to the scene to make the scoop. Now under crossfire from a dozen snipers, hungry cameramen, a curious crowd, and François’ exasperated wife, the three trapped men prepare their escape. Their only option: use the neighborhood’s discontentment and start a riot from the 7th floor…

Awards and Festivals
Berlin International Film Festival 2011 - FIPRESCI Prize (Panorama)

Directors Biography
Angelo Cianci is born in 1974 in Montmorency, France. He has directed a number of making-ofs, as well as five short and medium-length films, which received numerous prestigious prizes at festivals around the world. 'Top Floor Left Wing' is his first feature film.

Location and screening schedule:
MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART, Thursday, October 20th at 21.00
TUŠKANAC CINEMA, Friday, October 21st at 19.00
Slika 1