The Other Chelsea: A Story from Donetsk / The Other Chelsea: Eine Geschichte aus Donezk
Jakob Preuss, Germany, 2010.
Directed by: Jakob Preuss
Script: Jakob Preuss
Producer: Stefan Kloos
Production company: Kloos & Co Medien GmbH
Cinematography: Roman Yelensky, Pavel Kazantsev, Philipp Gromov, Eugen Schlegel
Editing: Lena Rem, Markus CM Schmidt, Philipp Gromov
Music: Dominik Sprungala
Format: video
Running time: 88'

These days, a real billionaire has to own a soccer team. Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich bought the English Chelsea, Georgian Merab Jordania bought the Dutch Vitesse; and Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov pumped many millions into his hobby, Shakhtar Donetsk. This documentary is about the latter team, or more specifically, about two of its fans: coal miner Sasha sits among the common people in the terraces, while local politician Kolya sits high above his head in the VIP box. Both are witnesses to Shakhtar's breakthrough on the international stage during the 2009 UEFA-Cup. Although filmmaker Jakob Preuss conveys the ups and downs of this team in a striking way, he is interested in more than just soccer. Shakhtar is an example of where politics, entertainment and economics meet. According to Kolya, the performance of the team affects his party, the Party of the Regions, to which current President Viktor Yanukovich and Akhmetov also belong.

Awards and Festivals
Max Ophüls Festival 2011 - Best Documentary
First Step Award 2011
One World Film Festival 2011
IDFA 2010

Directors Biography
Jakob Preuss was born 1975 in Berlin. He studied law in Cologne and Paris, and completed a Masters degree in European studies in Warsaw, Poland. He went to Russia for a year to do his civilian service, where he returned to work after his studies. Since 2002 he is back in his hometown Berlin where he works as free-lance filmmaker. In addition to his work as a filmmaker he is consultant/observer for International Organisations in the field of elections (i.e. OSCE, IOM), for the most part seconded by the Centre for International Peace Keeping Missions. He also worked a year for the NGO 'Reporters Withouth Borders' dealing with press freedom in the former Soviet Union. 'The Other Chelsea' is his feature-length debut film.

Location and screening schedule:
EUROPA CINEMA, Monday, October 17th at 9.00
TUŠKANAC CINEMA, Monday, October 17th at 16.30
DOCUCINEMA CROATIA, Tuesday, October 18th at 19.00
Slika 1 Slika 2