Jury for Feature and Short Feature Films

Peter Suschitzky, Cinematographer
Antonio Piazza
, Director
Christopher Goodwin, Journalist and Film critic


Peter Suschitzky is cinematographer born in 1940 in London. Although music was his passion, he decided that cinematography would become his profession. Among his most known work as director of photography are 'Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back' and the later films of David Cronenberg. Suschitzky won the 2008 Genie Award for Best Achievement in Cinematography for his work on 'Eastern Promises'. Suschitzky's work is near universally regarded as among the best cinematography in the world, praised for its sculptorly lighting, vibrant color coordination and rich camerawork.



Antonio Piazza is a film director and screenwriter. Together with Fabio Grassadonia, he directed the short film 'Rita' that won Golden Pram for Best Short Film at the last year’s Zagreb Film Festival. He works as a screenwriter and consultant for major Italian production companies such as Fandango and Filmauro of Aurelio de Laurentiis. 'Rita' is Piazza’s debut; it was made in Arenella, a notorious and fascinating district of Palermo. He is making his first long-feature film, 'Salvo', on the same location.



Christopher Goodwin has written about film for more than two decades, starting his career as international editor of the Hollywood Reporter and editor of Screen International. Since 1994 he has written about Hollywood and the film industry from Los Angeles, for The Sunday Times of London, The Guardian, Esquire and a number of other British and international publications.