ZFF bombastic film Monday!

The first full day of the 9th Zagreb Film Festival starts bombastically by presenting us with 22 different films on five locations: the Europa and Tuškanac cinemas, Dance Centre, Museum of Contemporary Art and Docucinema Croatia.


The ZFF film gatherings already started at 9:30 am at the Dance Centre with the lecture Moving Danes, which revealed all the secrets of the Danish cinematography success. As part of the events at the Europa Cinema which start at 3 pm, Danish director Birgitte Stærmose will be presented with her film 'Room 304'.


The powerful feature film programme will be opened by titles which attracted great interest of the Croatian film audience; British 'Shame' ( 7:30 pm at the Europa Cinema), 'Take Shelter' (10 pm, the Europa Cinema) and the film from last night's opening, the acclaimed 'Tyrannosaur' by Paddy Considine, which will be shown at 5 pm at the Europa Cinema. The documentary series starts with award-winning titles among which 'Give Up Tomorrow' (9 pm, Tuškanac) particularly stands out since it tells the story of the imprisonment of an innocent boy.


The Docucinema also starts with a portion of powerful documentaries; from 9 pm it will screen 'The Last Day of Summer' by Piotr Stasik, an intimate film quest for the director's own childhood but also a disclosure of Russian contemporary everyday life, and 'Wood of Value', an observational documentary on the voyage of a Christmas tree from Norway to London, after which a Q&A with its author Bjørn Bratberg will take place. The film which will close the evening at the Docucinema is 'Taliban Behind the Mask', an exclusive documentary film about the talibans, people we only look at from the perspective offered to us by the media.


Kid's favourite Bib for Kids will be opened by the Finnish children's blockbuster 'Ricky Rapper and the Bicycle Thief' first at the Europa Cinema at 12:30 pm and then at the Museum of Contemporary Art at 6:30 pm. The popular Great 5 from Spain will present us a film by Oskar Santos 'For the Good of Others' at the Museum of Contemporary Art at 9 pm whereas at the Tuškanac at 7 pm it will offer us a chance to see 'Four Lions', a story about four potential terrorists and certainly incompetent people which provided director Chris Morris with the BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut.


The programme My First Film: Denmark will be opened at 8:30 pm by the great Lars von Trier with his short film 'Nocturne' and feature film 'Element of Crime' at the Dance Centre. New programmes are also ready to be screened: starts at 11 pm with the Australian film 'The ABC of Love and Seks: Australia Style' and Red Westerns starts with great Lev Kulešov's 'By the Law'. Both films will be screened at the Dance Centre. The first group of films from the Checkers programme will also be ready for showing at the Tuškanac Cinema at 7 pm.


The day at the festival will be brought to the end by the music programme Checkers Afterparty I at the Europa Cinema. Join us!