Tyrannosaur Opens 9 ZFF!

Before packed audience in Europa Cinema, the ninth Zagreb Film Festival was opened tonight with the screening of 'Tyrannosaur', a film by British actor and director Paddy Considine.

The official opening ceremony took place before the screening. Festival director Boris T. Matić and executive director Hrvoje Laurenta addressed the audience.

'We are standing here before you for the ninth year in a row. We have prepared for you eight days and nights full of films and side programs. There will be around 90 films from 30 countries in eight different programs', said Boris T. Matić.

'The films will be shown in this beauty, as we like to call Europa Cinema, as well as in Tuškanac and Dokukino Croatia Cinemas, Zagreb Dance Center and Gorgona Auditorium of the Museum of Contemporary Art. Also, a part of program will be shown at the Academy of Dramatic Arts', said Hrvoje Laurenta.

'I am pleased to have a chance for the ninth time to wish you to enjoy watching high-quality films in this beautiful Europa Cinema that we have managed to rescue from oblivion', said Mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandić, proclaiming the festival open.
The ceremony then moved to the foyer of Europa Cinema. As of tomorrow, the festival will be in full swing with its all-day film programs: the screenings will be taking place from 9am to 11pm.

We wish you another pleasant and interesting Zagreb Film Festival and we hope that you will enjoy the varied film programs and stories, meet interesting filmmakers from all parts of the world, learn things by attending numerous side events and have a great time in the process!