The Boy Who Walked Backwards / Drengen der gik baglæns
Thomas Vinterberg, Denmark, 1994.
Directed by: Thomas Vinterberg
Script: Thomas Vinterberg
Producer: Birgitte Hald
Production company: Nimbus Film Productions
Cinematography: Erik Zappon
Editing: Morten Giese
Music: Nikolaj Egelund
Cast: Holger Thaarup, Rune Veber, Michelle Bjørn-Andersen, Christian Hjejle
Format: 35 mm
Running time: 37'

A big birthday party. Nine-year-old Andreas and his older brother Mikkel drink martinis and prepare to put on a show for the guests of their parents. They go on stage  and perform  a sketch – everyone laughs – the boys are a huge success. Early in the morning the house is still filled with guests, but the boys’ father has to head to work despite a raging hangover from the party the night before. He climbs on his motorcycle with his older son, who he will drop at school. They drive off and then a crash… a traffic accident. The family loses a son, Andreas loses his brother and a role model. He is in shock and, in his grief, creates a fantasy universe where he can communicate with his deceased brother using a used juice box as an imaginary walkie-talkie.

Awards and Festivals
Brest European Short Film Festival 1994 - Audience Award
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 1995 - Audience Award
Robert Festival 1995 - Best Short/Documentary

Directors Biography
Thomas Vinterberg was born in 1969, Denmark. Graduate of the National Film School of Denmark, 1993. Vinterberg is a partner in the Danish production company Nimbus Film. Vinterberg's international breakthrough 'The Celebration' (1998), the first film released adhering to the Dogme concept, won the Special Prize of the Jury at Cannes, and his two English-language films that followed, ‘It's All About Love’ (2003) and ‘Dear Wendy’ (2005), were selected for Sundance. The comedy 'When a Man Comes Home’ (2007) was Vinterberg's first film in Danish since his pivotal ‘Festen’. ‘Submarino’ (2010) was selected for Berlin's main competition and won the Nordic Council Film Prize 2010.

Location and screening schedule: ZAGREB DANCE CENTER, Wednesday, October 19th at 20.30