I’m Still Here: The Lost Years of Joaquin Phoenix
Casey Affleck, USA, 2010.
Directed by: Casey Affleck
Script: Casey Affleck, Joaquin Phoenix
Producer: Casey Affleck, Joaquin Phoenix, Amanda White
Production company: They Are Going to Kill Us Productions
Cinematography: Casey Affleck, Magdalena Gorka
Editing: Casey Affleck, Dody Dorn
Music: Marty Fogg
Format: video
Running time: 107'

The directing debut of the Oscar-nominated actor Casey Affleck, 'I'm Still Here', is an incredible depiction of the turbulent years in the life of the internationally acclaimed actor Joaquin Phoenix. Having a privileged access to the subject, 'I'm Still Here' follows the actor's life since he announced he would give up his successful film career in autumn 2008 and start a hip-hop musician's career. Sometimes funny and sometimes shocking, this engaging film shows an artist on his turning point. While resisting expectations, it skillfully explores the understanding of courage and creative transformations, as well as the consequences of a life under public scrutiny.

Awards and Festivals
Venice Film Festival 2010 - Biografilm Award
Toronto International Film Festival 2010

Directors Biography
Casey Affleck was born in 1975. He is a U.S. actor and director. Among other films, he appeared in hits like 'Good Will Hunting' and 'Ocean's 11'. He was nominated for Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in 'The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford'. 'I'm Still Here' is his debut as a director. It raised a lot of dust. After the premiere, Casey said he did not want to full anyone; instead, inspired by Hunter S. Thompson, he wanted to use the 'gonzo' approach to filmmaking.

Location and screening schedule:
EUROPA CINEMA, Tuesday, October 18th at 9.00
TUŠKANAC CINEMA, Tuesday, October 18th at 16.30
DOCUCINEMA CROATIA, Friday, October 21st at 19.00
TUŠKANAC CINEMA, Sunday, October 23rd at 21.00
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